Operating System case studies notes

Hello guys, plz find the solution for some of the questions of the case studies. I have tried to complete some of the questions raised by Mr. Balaram Sharma. If you still have confusion plz let me know. For detail plz go thru the Modern Operating System Tanenbaum.

Good Luck for your exam.



Operating System Lecture Notes

This is the final lecture notes on Operating System based on Pokhara University Curriculum. I have tried to compile it in more concise and meaningful so that the students feel comfortable with it.I  believe that it would be beneficial for their coursework.



1.  Modern Operating System by: Andrew S. Tannenbaum

2. Operating System Concepts by: Abraham Silberschatz, G. Gange, P.B Galvin

3. Wikipedia, the free Encycolpedia

4. Operating System internals and Design principle by: William Stalling

5. Distributed Systems: Principles and Paradigms. Andrew S. Tanenbaum

6. IISc Bangalore

7. Kent University lecture Notes

8. Berkely University Lecture Notes